Make smarter decisions by sharing important news with your colleagues and stakeholders, and collaborate to react in advance to events that impact your business.

The right information at just the right time affords you and your colleagues an opportunity to make informed decisions, easily and fast.

Your corporate identity is integrated into the app, newsletter and online portal, which is immediately relevant and identifiable as part of your organisation.

The app, newsletter and online portal’s striking design and user-friendly layout, allows you and your colleagues to easily engage with the content on a daily basis.


Your news search results can be delivered electronically in a variety of formats. Our most popular distribution methods are the app, newsletter and the online portal, while news feeds can also be integrated directly into your intranet or other applications.

Newstrack Online’s developers have worked hard to create a focused and minimalistic interface that is effortless to read and seamless to navigate. Our clients love it.

In addition, our app, newsletter and online portal have been developed responsively, which means they will render perfectly on different devices and environments.


With Newstrack Online, you have the administrative functionality to decide how your colleagues and stakeholders can interact with your content. You have a news platform that is also a powerful communication tool.

For starters, you can keep your colleagues and stakeholders informed by creating and maintaining your own distribution lists; publish your own articles and announcements; and schedule important notices to alert and appear on the notice board.

Our client interface allows you to have full control, so you will never miss an opportunity to communicate important news.


Newstrack Online offers a dedicated support desk that is always there to assist you and your colleagues with any request that you may have.

Composed of our expert analysts, the support desk typically handles general administrative queries (like new recipient requests or a change of email address) on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to attend to standard requests.

But if there’s a bigger issue, like a critical keyword that needs to be added to your keyword selection, our analysts will work alongside you and keep you in the loop. In this way, we follow a multi-tiered approach to deal with a specific problem.

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