Newstrack Online has developed powerful filtering software that removes unwanted and problematic content. As soon as our system identifies a relevant article, these search results are then processed by our proprietary filtering software where old or duplicate articles are eliminated.

Eliminating these articles right at the beginning of the curation process, allows our analysts to spend more time evaluating articles that matter.

Our algorithms have been developed and fine-tuned over many years. Knowing what to eliminate and what to include is what makes our filtering software so powerful.


We’ve worked hard to attract some of the industry’s most talented and experienced newshounds, each of whom is passionate about current affairs and keeping our clients up-to-date with the news that matters.

Our analysts use our powerful filtering software, combined with their own unique expertise, to curate news search results in line with your specific requirements.

Each article is put through a comprehensive analysis process, selecting and curating the most relevant news before streaming it through to your app, newsletter and online portal.


A customised selection of keywords ensures that news content can be designed around your specific requirements.

With many years of experience, and having developed thousands of keywords covering most industries, we know how to find the news you need to know about.

Our keywords are created using Boolean Logic, Proximity Operators and Location Targeting, and when used in combination, powerful business intelligence emerges.

With our clever keyword combinations, we are capable of pinpointing articles that will assist you to keep your finger on the pulse and inform your strategy.


What if there’s a new competitor in the market, a company changes its name, or a trending issue that has the potential to completely alter your keyword strategy?

At Newstrack Online we remain up-to-date with the latest news on your industry, clients, and competitors, as well as the climate within which you operate.

Along the way, our analysts proactively identify updates and recommend new keywords for inclusion in your selection. They leverage their detailed understanding of your content brief, to fine-tune your keyword configuration and keep your news search results current.

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